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Matching quangong block machine to Algeria PVC plastic pallets

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Matching quangong block machine to Algeria PVC brick plastic pallets

Sent to Algeria PVC brick machine plastic pallet 3000, specifically to penetrate the brick. Hope Wang total business is booming,

The following is the real shot

Details of the project details

1 Density 1800kg / m3

2 Curvature ≥ 70 N / mm ²

3 flexural modulus ≥4.5 × 10³Mpa

4 Impact strength ≥ 60 KJ / m²

5 Absorption ≤ 14%

6 pressure ≥ 40

7 heat resistance 160 ℃

8 wear resistance ≤ 0.04g / 100r

9 for a period of at least 6 years

All models Mianshaozhuanji can build, according to your request size, product quality is good.

Warranty for 6 years, broken all-inclusive. 15 years experience, PVC brick pallets first brand.

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